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    Meet Our Founders

    Meet Our Founders

    At Natural Radiant Life, we’re passionate about bringing clean, organic, effective skincare products to market and helping people proudly show their outer and inner radiance. This passion has been at our core since day one. Our founders started this company to share their love for nature-based products while empowering other people to take better care of themselves in every area of their lives. From lifelong friends to business partners, our founders are living out their dreams through Natural Radiant Life.


    Founder: Rhonda Daniels, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Rhonda has significant experience in startups companies, growth management, and entrepreneurship. In addition to being a founder of Natural Radiant Life, she has played a key role in helping to successfully launch several other companies, including Time to Renew, Inc., iWeave, and most recently as Vice President of Sales.

    Our founder Rhonda has also excelled at corporate sales management, learning and development, business development, operations, and marketing. She has a consistent history of helping companies dramatically increase their sales, revenue, and profitability and is successful at controlling costs, improving efficiency, and expanding market penetration.

    Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Rhonda earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Pennsylvania State University. While Rhonda lives quite the “on-the-go” lifestyle, when she’s not busy working, she enjoys Peloton, yoga, reading, traveling, and having a nice glass of red wine at a new restaurant.

     Check out this founder's favorite NRL product, the Brightening Vitamin C - Radiant C Serum - AM Treatment.

    Founder: LaKesha Gage-Woodard, Chief Marketing Officer

    Our founder LaKesha strives to be the best at everything she does; most profitable, highest performance, fastest growth, strongest ROI, and most inspiring are just some of the superlatives she’s achieved. She’s helped companies reach their goals through exceptional planning and strategy, meticulous execution, and by staying focused on customer engagement and client satisfaction. Her career includes experience leading strong brands at top companies like S.C. Johnson Wax, Leo Burnett, General Mills, GBG Group, Inc., and Rand McNally.

    LaKesha is an expert in numerous areas of business, including business development, brand management, operations management, direct sales, media buying and planning, contract negotiations, and project management. She also has expertise in marketing, including strategic marketing, digital marketing, nonprofit marketing, and marketing analytics.

    A Chicago native, LaKesha earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Arts/Journalism from Clark Atlanta University as well as an MBA in Marketing from the same school. In her free time, LaKesha enjoys spending quality time with her husband and appreciating the simple joys in life, like a good meal, fresh flowers, self-care, and quality experiences with family and friends.

     This founder's go-to NRL product is the Detoxifying Clay Mask - Facial Renewal Mask, great for purifying the skin and killing dead skin cells. 

    Founder: Sherry D. Fields, Chief Operating Officer

    Our founder Sherry has achieved success in the direct selling industry, where she quickly became a million-dollar income earner. In addition to having a knack for direct sales, Sherry has a passion for helping other people succeed. She founded Putting Dreams Into Action Incorporated (PDIA, Inc.), where she put time and energy into supporting people and helping them turn their dreams into reality through strategic planning and focused action. As the CEO of PDIA, Sherry also worked to create a platform of action and positive thoughts, helping people improve their physical, mental, and financial status.

     Before founding Natural Radiant Life, Sherry served as the Vice President of Sales for Sheago Cosmetics, managing the company’s successful transition from a retail model to direct selling. Sherry is accomplished in multiple areas of business, including strategic planning, operations management, business development, pricing strategy, direct selling, and leadership development.

    Sherry is a native of Stamford, Connecticut. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Stanford University and received her MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When not working, Sherry enjoys cooking, spending time outdoors, traveling, and having a glass of champagne.

     This founder can't live without the hydrating and nourishing Lavender Body Butter.


    Our Values

    At Natural Radiant Life, each product we create and each action we take is guided and informed by our values. As founders of Natural Radiant Life, Rhonda, LaKesha, and Sherry share these core values and are committed to accountability, community, integrity, inclusiveness, quality, and fun. 

    • Accountability: We take ownership, act responsibly, and do what we promise.
    • Community: We foster an environment where you feel integral to the team - your work and dedication are important and success is rewarded.
    • Integrity: We operate honestly and above board.
    • Inclusiveness: We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.
    • Quality: We strive for excellence in everything we do. Through continuous improvement, we will improve upon every aspect of our business.
    • Fun: We believe you can earn an honest living and have fun. We will never take ourselves so seriously that we cannot add joy and laughter to our work environment.

    About Natural Radiant Life

    We’re passionate about helping you proudly show off your outer and inner radiance by bringing to market clean, organic, and effective skincare products. Your skin deserves the best, which is why each of our products is crafted with only the best organic ingredients. These natural ingredients breathe life into your skin while removing toxins and helping your skin restore its healthy balance. The result - beautiful, healthy, youthful-looking skin from the outside in.

    We also make an effort to use ingredients that retain their bioavailability, meaning the ingredients are absorbed into your skin rather than simply sitting on top of it. This helps ensure your skin absorbs the beneficial nutrients found in our products.

    Natural Radiant Life skincare products are safe, non-toxic, and offer lasting visible results. They’re also Leaping Bunny certified, so you can feel good using our products knowing they’re cruelty-free.

    Find your new favorite skincare product

    Our founders have worked hard to create a company that values quality ingredients, products, and results. We know you’re going to love living radiantly! From cleansers to moisturizers to treatments and more, we’ve got just what you need to soothe, hydrate, and revitalize your skin to help it look and feel its best. Our collection of goodies is waiting for you to find your new favorite skincare product! Click here to shop all Natural Radiant Life products.

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