Have You Tried Our Radiant Skin Collection?

What’s more powerful than a really great skincare product? Multiple skincare products designed to work together to nourish your skin and help your radiance shine. That’s why we love our Radiant Skin Collection: This trio of coordinating products features a cleanser, exfoliator, and body lotion made to enhance your skincare regimen while achieving softer, younger-looking skin. Want to enhance your skincare routine? Here’s why the Radiant Skin Collection from Natural Radiant Life should be on your must-try list.


Body Cleanser

If you’re tired of body washes leaving your skin feeling dry, our Body Cleanser is for you. It features a nutrient-rich, non-drying formula that delivers powerful minerals and antioxidants without stripping your skin of moisture. Your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated.


What makes Body Cleanser so great?

This body cleanser does more than just clean your skin; its key ingredients also help improve skin elasticity, reduce the signs of aging, and hydrate your skin.


Organic melon extract made from fresh organic cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew is considered the most powerful antioxidant and is even sometimes called the youth molecule. It’s also an ingredient in our Body Cleanser as well as our Body Exfoliator and Melon Body Lotion. Organic melon extract is the only antioxidant that binds itself directly to collagen; this prevents collagen oxidation, a process that causes collagen to weaken and break, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.


Our body cleanser is also made with clay mineral extraction, which contains more than 80 bioavailable minerals, meaning minerals small enough to go through the skin. The clay uses a negative electrical charge to work as a magnet of sorts and draw out positively charged particles such as heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals, detoxifying your skin.


Bladderwrack seaweed is also included in the formula. It offers antioxidant effects and is a great source of fucoidan, which increases collagen in the skin and improves elasticity.


PX3™ pine bark blend is another key ingredient. This natural supplement decreases the signs of aging while improving the skin’s elasticity and hydration.


Tips for getting the best results

Shake the bottle before using and pump the cleanser into wet hands or a wet shower puff. Create a lather by rubbing your hands together. After using, follow up with our Melon Body Lotion to keep your skin extra moisturized.


Body Exfoliator

If exfoliation isn’t already part of your skincare routine, you’re missing out! It’s an effective way to remove dead skin cells and reveal soft, radiant skin. Our Body Exfoliator foams and deep cleans your skin while gently removing dead skin and toxins. It also adds moisture and oxygen to your skin, helping it look plump and bright.


What makes Body Exfoliator so great?

Like our Body Cleanser, Body Exfoliator is made with organic melon extract, which helps maintain the skin’s youthful appearance. It’s also made with pink Himalayan salt, which features anti-inflammatory properties that calm irritations and breakouts to help heal and soothe the skin. It’s also great at helping your skin retain moisture in deeper layers of the skin.


Rare Earth mineral clay is our rare, exclusive Montmorillonite clay that offers more than 80 bioavailable minerals plus humic and fulvic acids to help the skin use those minerals. It also works to remove chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals from your skin and body.


This body exfoliator also includes olive oil, which helps you achieve a smooth, radiant complexion, maintains the skin’s elasticity, and helps prevent and repair skin damage caused by sun exposure.


Tips for getting the best results

Use the scooper to get just the right amount of product. Press the exfoliator onto wet skin and give it a few seconds to start bubbling. Use a circular motion when rubbing the product into your skin. Rinse off, pat dry, and apply our Melon Body Lotion.


Melon Body Lotion

After cleansing and exfoliating, soothe your skin with Melon Body Lotion. It hydrates your skin without leaving it feeling greasy, making it a perfect addition to your skincare regimen. With consistent use, it can help you achieve softer, smoother, and firmer skin.


What makes Melon Body Lotion so great?

Melon Body Lotion helps prevent wrinkles and sagging skin thanks to the organic melon extract it contains. It’s also made with aloe vera gel, which has been an appealing ingredient for centuries due its ability to help heal acne, sunburn, shingles, wrinkles, eczema, frostbite, psoriasis, rosacea, and warts, and scarring. Aloe vera gel also offers anti-aging and skin renewal properties.


Grapeseed oil is another key ingredient. It balances and moisturizes the skin and contains natural astringent properties that help you achieve firmer skin. Grapeseed oil is also an antioxidant that helps protect your skin from pollution and free radicals, and it even minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.


Tips for getting the best results

Shake well before use and apply to clean, damp skin. Use in the morning and at night.


Refresh your skincare routine with our Radiant Skin Collection

The Radiant Skin Collection makes it easy to create or enhance your skincare routine using organic products that actually work. You get three easy steps in one collection: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. The products are great on their own but are even better as a team, working to cleanse, renew, and soothe your skin to help your radiance shine.


A bonus? Buying this set saves you money versus buying each item individually, and who doesn’t like saving money! The Radiance Skin Collection also makes a great gift and comes with a shower puff and gift bag while supplies last.


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About Natural Radiant Life

At Natural Radiant Life, we’re on a mission to offer clean, organic, effective skincare products that help proudly show your outer and inner radiance. We believe your skin deserves the best, which is why we use only the best organic ingredients in our products. These whole-food and plant-based ingredients ensure our products are safe, non-toxic, and effective at achieving lasting results. Our products are also Leaping Bunny certified, so you can feel confident that our products are cruelty-free.

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