5 Ways to Detox from Head-to-Toe...Literally!

Why Detoxify the skin? Detoxing helps draw out toxins from the skin's surface, which leaves your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Your skin gets brighter and appears clearer as detoxing helps to clear up blemishes, irritation and clean out blackheads and pores. Detoxing helps to tighten and firm skin. As a result, your skin looks and feels younger.

Natural Radiant Life’s Clay Mineral Mask is designed to help you detoxify the skin. It pulls out toxins while pushing nutrients deep into the dermal layers of your skin. With over 80 organic minerals, this mask will detoxify, nourish, and renew your skin. It exfoliates, hydrates, increases circulation, and provides antioxidant protection. The result is your pores will become smaller and skin will be smoother, toned, and tightened - leaving a radiant, youthful, and vibrant glow. Below are five ways the Clay Mineral Mask helps you detox from head to toe.

Your Face
Use the Clay Mineral Mask 2 – 3 times per week on your face and neck to help exfoliate, hydrate, increase circulation and provide antioxidant protection. Leaves you with a youthful, radiant, and vibrant glow.

Your Underarms
An underarm detox has several benefits:
• Increases the effectiveness of natural deodorant.
• Removes the buildup of antiperspirant or deodorant.
• Supports body detoxification.
• Reduces irritation from natural deodorants.
• Eliminates odor.

Our Clay Mask will help pull out toxins while pushing nutrients deep into the dermal layers of your skin.

Your Back
Back acne? Dry flaky skin? Try the Clay Mineral Mask on your back to detoxify, nourish and reveal radiant skin. Use 2 – 3 times per week.

Your Hands
Are your hands dry from constant handwashing and/or hand sanitizer? Are your hands trying to tell your age? Give your hands a treatment with our Clay Mineral Mask followed by the Hand Lotion. This combination will keep your hands soft and looking young.

Your Feet
Could your tootsies use a little break? After the shower or bath, slather on the Clay Mineral Mask, kick your feet up for 15 minutes, rinse, apply the Body Lotion and a pair of socks. Your feet will thank you. The Clay Mineral Mask will aid in detoxifying and exfoliating your feet.

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