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    4 Products You Need This Month

    Summer is officially here! And with it, more time spent out in the sun. There are so many fun outdoor activities going on in the summer, but that extra exposure to the sun’s rays can leave your skin feeling dry. This month, make skincare a priority! Even better, refresh your skincare routine with soothing products made with organic melon extract, aloe vera gel, rare Earth mineral clay, cucumber, and other summery ingredients. Here are four products you need this month.


    Body Cleanser

    Summer months can be drying for your skin - make sure your body wash isn’t drying your skin out, too. Our Body Cleanser is made with a non-drying, nutrient-rich formula that gently cleanses without stripping your skin of moisture. Plus, you get the added benefits of antioxidants and minerals.


    This nourishing and hydrating body wash is made with organic melon extract from organic honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe - an antioxidant-rich combination. This antioxidant binds directly to collagen to help prevent collagen oxidation, wrinkles, and sagging skin.


    A clay mineral extraction is also included in our Body Cleanser. This extraction contains more than 80 bioavailable minerals that are small enough to be absorbed through the skin for excellent effectiveness. It also works as a magnet of sorts, using its negative electrical charge to draw out any positively charged particles to detoxify your skin of heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals.


    Bladderwrack seaweed provides a hearty helping of fucoidan, which boosts the skin’s elasticity and collagen supply. PX3™ pine bark blend also helps improve your skin’s elasticity and hydration and reduces the signs of aging. The results – clean, hydrated skin you feel great about.


    Melon Body Lotion

    More melon, please! Our Melon Body Lotion combines organic melon extract and other antioxidant-rich ingredients to hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin. This lotion features a rich texture that leaves your skin feeling moisturized, softer, and firmer, but not greasy. It’s a great addition to your skincare routine, especially in the summer!


    In addition to organic melon extract, which helps prevent wrinkles and sagging, our Melon Body Lotion is made with aloe vera gel, which has been loved for centuries thanks to its healing properties. Aloe vera gel has long been used to help treat sunburn, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, wrinkles, eczema, and more, and may help prevent scarring and reduce the signs of aging.


    Grapeseed oil is also part of the formula. It’s an antioxidant that moisturizes and balances the skin while protecting it from free radicals and pollution (which is extra helpful when you’re spending more time outside during the summer!).


    Our Melon Body Lotion can be used daily and is especially effective when used after a bath or shower and following our Body Cleanser.


    Body Exfoliator

    Gently scrub away dead, dried skin cells to reveal soft, smooth skin with our moisturizing Body Exfoliator! When the product gets wet, it begins to foam to give your skin a deep cleaning while removing dead skin cells and toxins. You’re left with brighter, healthier, softer skin - who doesn’t want that!


    Like our Body Cleanser and Melon Body Lotion, our Body Exfoliator contains organic melon extract to help your skin keep its youthful appearance. It’s also made with pink Himalayan salt, which has anti-inflammatory properties and calms your skin by soothing breakouts and irritations. It also helps the deeper layers of your skin retain moisture for healthy, hydrated skin.


    Our Body Exfoliator is also made with rare Earth mineral clay, a Montmorillonite clay with more than 80 bioavailable minerals that can be absorbed by your skin. The clay also has fulvic acid, which helps your body utilize these minerals.


    Olive oil is added to our Body Exfoliator as well, helping prevent and repair skin damage caused by sun exposure (a MUST for summer months!). It helps you achieve a smooth, radiant complexion and maintain your skin’s elasticity.


    AM Moisturizer

    Protect your skin before heading out the door with our AM Moisturizer. The summer sun can be harsh, so we designed this moisturizer with SPF to help prevent sunburn and dehydration. It’s perfect for all skin types and skin tones, resulting in skin that appears visibly smoother with less noticeable lines and wrinkles. It also blends into your skin without leaving a white residue!


    Our AM Moisturizer is made with a fulvic acid mineral complex, which revitalizes your skin’s cellular health. By neutralizing free radicals, the complex helps eliminate age spots and gives your skin a tighter, more toned appearance.


    Aloe vera is also included, helping to soothe sunburned skin and provide anti-aging benefits. This skin-renewing ingredient has also long been used to help heal acne, frostbite, warts, shingles, and more.


    To make our AM Moisturizer extra soothing, we added in cucumber, which helps reduce swelling and calm irritated skin. Cucumber contains silica, which helps collagen tighten to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


    Our moisturizer also includes frankincense, which encourages skin cell growth, rejuvenates your skin, and improves skin condition and tone. By balancing the skin and reducing dry or oily spots, it helps your skin return to normal. It also helps prevent wrinkles while improving your overall complexion.


    About Natural Radiant Life

    At Natural Radiant Life, we’re passionate about helping your skin look its best so you can proudly show off your inner and outer radiance. We accomplish this by offering clean, organic, and effective skincare products that empower you to take better care of yourself in every area of your life.


    Each Natural Radiant Life product is made with 100% pure and natural whole foods as active ingredients. These feed your skin on a cellular level to improve skin health, appearance, and longevity.


    In addition to good-for-you skincare products, we value accountability, community, integrity, inclusiveness, quality, and fun. We hope you’ll give our products a try!


    Get your skin summer-ready with our organic skincare products

    Now that summer’s here, it’s extra important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Want to see what else we have in store for you? Click here to learn more and shop our collection.

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